Full Stack (web) application developer

An absolute groundbreaker in the world of camera surveillance, Mobiqam makes surveillance possible in places where it wasn’t before. Its flexibility grants access to a world of new possibilities. 

We are a vendor in an evolving market with many interesting technologies and applications. Mobiqam could not exist without its partners, we work together with camera manufacturers, video management softwares, video analytics softwares, sensor manufacturers and applications, integrators, site and building management softwares, 

Currently our team consists of the founders and inventors of Mobiqam. We are looking to rapidly expand our team with new and experienced talent to form the most knowledgeable, agile and exceptional development team in the security industry! That’s where you come into the picture.  

(Web) Application Developer

As our Application Developer, you will work together with our teams in Belgium and Portugal. You’ll tackle the development roadmap of Mobiqam as well as customer projects and integrations. 

That means adding new functionalities to the Mobiqam itself and the Mobiqam Portal; adding new cameras or other devices to the supported hardware list; integrating with Video Management systems; adding smart sensors or video analytics to Mobiqam; developing custom functionalities for large projects around the world; and so on.

Your profile

  • You are an all-round programmer, experienced in both web development and embedded systems
  • You like using C
  • You have experience with object oriented programming languages such as C++
  • You are not afraid of pointers but use them smartly :)
  • You are experienced in web development, both front- and backend
  • You have used a php framework before and know your way around Angular or Vue.js. 
  • You are excited to work with streaming media protocols such as RTSP
  • You have worked with MySQL and are familiar with other datastorages such as InfluxDB
  • You find it satisfactory to finish a project from A-Z; requirement analysis, planning, development, deployment, etc.
  • You are familiar with Agile software development methodologies such as Scrum and have used Jira before.
  • Linux is your favourite OS 

Technical Knowledge

  • PHP / HTML5 / CSS3 / JS (ES6) 
  • MVC Frameworks
  • MySQL
  • Linux: Debian
    • Apache2 web server
    • C/C++ (Boost)
  • Good basic knowledge of and a vast interest in IP networks.
  • A profound interest in (or knowledge of) image manipulation and multimedia, streaming protocols, 

Nice to haves:
  • Windows
    • C# .NET
    • MSSQL

What we offer
We are going places. Since our start we’ve been growing very fast, hitting the spot on super cool projects and changing the way the game is played on so many levels. The most important thing we offer is this journey. By joining our team we offer you to invest in your career in a way you won’t be able to do in other companies.

Apart from that, we want to stand out in a positive way when it comes to remuneration, atmosphere, personal growth, an open corporate culture, and high job satisfaction.


Awesome! We would love to meet you and get to know you better. Of course we are open to answer any questions you may have. 

Remember: you only get one chance to make a first impression so please make it count. A good start is half the work: make sure you send us an up to date resume and a fresh motivation letter for this job opening. It must be clear this motivation is not copy/paste, because we won’t even consider copy/paste motivations. Send your resume and motivation letter  to jobs@mobiqam.com.