Customer Service Representative( German Speaker)

Cluster is a young company with a big ambition. Why do we say that? We started with three employees in 2020, and today we have more than 300 employees spread across our four offices in Lisbon. We are now expanding our operations to Barcelona and building a team to support European markets in different countries such as Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Portugal, where we are headquartered. More than a company, Cluster aims to grow with the main objective of creating growth opportunities for its team members. Without our team members, this would not be possible. Since we started small and worked very closely with each other, we intend to maintain this mentality and share it with our incoming team members. At Cluster, you are not considered just one more, but an important team member who adds value and contributes to the overall growth, including your own. We are looking for dynamic and passionate individuals, fluent in different languages, to join our team, provide an amazing experience for all our clients and ensure a positive workplace environment. Do you feel ambitious and capable of growing with Cluster? We would be happy to hear from you!
✓ Be a team player and contribute to a positive work environment!
✓ Ensure an exceptional customer relationship and customer experience throughout the entire customer journey.
✓ You will be the point of contact for inquiries related to pre- or post-delivery of an order (payment inquiries, delivery dates, returns, refunds, etc.) via email, phone calls and/or chats.
✓ Build a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship between customers and the brand you represent.
✓ Excellent communication skills and ability to work well in a team.
✓ Positive attitude and willingness to perform additional tasks.
✓ Customer satisfaction orientation and proactivity.
✓ Ability to deliver results independently and in often ad hoc situations.
✓ Ambitious to engage with other team members and share experiences.
✓ Well organized, valuing excellent work ethic and acting with integrity in every situation.
 ✓ Demonstrate reliability and trustworthiness.
✓ Reliable professional and progressive mindset.
✓ C2 level or German fluent speaker
✓ Knowledge of English level C1 (to ensure you are up to date with training and communication between the departments and employees).

✓ Fully paid onboarding period (one month), after successfully completing the training. 
✓ Professional career progression and support throughout your career development. 
✓ A multicultural and diverse environment with an excellent working environment. 
✓ Team building activities organized by Cluster and/or its team members. 
✓ Competitive salary package for entry-level (includes transportation allowance and work-from-home allowance, if applicable). 
✓ All necessary equipment will be provided by the company. 
✓ Private medical insurance will be provided (after the successful completion of the probationary period). 
✓ Type of contract: Non-Fixed Term Employment Contract (permanent contract). 
✓ Start date: 22.05.2023
✓ Job Type: Full Time 
✓ Salary: Up to 1,645 euros monthly (excluding performance bonus and/or other benefits like meal allowance of 5,20 per worked day) - paid in twelve months or fourteen months