Data Scientist

Knowledgebiz is a technological innovation and consulting company. We need the professional freelancer services of a Data Scientist (M/F). We at Knowledgebiz like to work with professionals who love what they do.
Qualifications / Experience
·       Advanced degree in data science, statistics, computer science, or similar
·       Experience of at least 2 years in data engineering / data science
·       Proven experience in Python and SQL and corresponding AI/ML libraries, like sciki-learn, pandas, keras.
·       Required to have knowledge in unsupervised, supervised and semi-supervised techniques
·       Demonstrated skills in data science (structures, modelling, and analysis)
·       MLOps; Nice to have knowledge on Mlflow
·       Nice to have knowledge on big data tools like pyspark, hive, Hadoop
·       Fluency in English (spoken and written)
Soft Skills
·       Good analysis, organization and planning skills
·       Strong willingness for commitment and involvement with projects and partners 
·       Spirit of mutual help and teamwork 
·       Innovative mindset