Microservices Tech Leader (m/f)

This is the challenge: We are looking for a Microservices Tech Lead to join our team.
In your day-to-day work with us:
- You will lead teams with high expertise in the latest technologies and technology paradigms, working with: SpringBoot, APIFirst, Docker, MondoDB, Kafka, among others.
- Together with your team, you will design the most appropriate technological solution for the project's problems.
- You will use agile methodologies to develop the most innovative and impactful projects.
- You will interact with other technological and multidisciplinary areas.
Job requirements
- At least 5 years of experience in microservices architectures and hexagonal architectures.
- Knowledge of concepts related to microservices (breaking monoliths, communication between microservices, SAGA patterns, CQRS, etc.).
- Experience in complex projects with high volumes and team management from a technical point of view.
- Experience in projects under agile methodologies.
- Experience with SpringBoot, APIFirst, Docker. Desirable: MondoDB, Kafka.
What can you expect from us?
Integration in a professional, dynamic and constantly growing team that:
- Values your professional and personal growth and offers you several training courses;
- Has a strong international presence and can provide you a experience abroad;
- Is always by your side, helps and values you in every single moment.